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Welcome! I’m Michael Mantz, a dedicated advocate for ataxia awareness and wellbeing. Through my journey with Ataxia, I aim to inspire, educate, and empower others. Let’s work together to create impactful change and foster personal growth.

Born with Ataxia and diagnosed at age 28, I bring firsthand experience and a deep understanding of the challenges that come with this condition. My mission is to share my journey, raise awareness, and inspire others to embark on their own path towards personal growth and fulfillment.

I know there is a lot to take in here, so if you prefer to digest this information through a nice organized media kit, I totally get it! You can request one by clicking the button below.

My Services

Consulting and Coaching

I provide expert advice in navigating life with Ataxia and achieving personal wellbeing. Clients can expect tailored strategies and support to overcome challenges and enhance their quality of life.

Collaborate with me

Open to guest posts, joint ventures, and partnerships aimed at raising awareness and promoting wellbeing. Let’s join forces to create meaningful content and projects.

Speaking Engagements

I speak on topics such as living with Ataxia, personal growth, and resilience. With experience speaking at various events, I aim to inspire and educate diverse audiences.

Content Creation

Offering writing, photography, and video production services focused on Ataxia awareness and personal empowerment. Let’s create content that resonates and drives change.

What my readers say

  • Absolutely spot on! TY for putting this out there. We were just discussing this in our Global Ataxia Support group yesterday! The links you provided are great too!

  • I want to introduce you to Mike, he has SCA15 and has a really cool website that is focused on ataxia awareness and wellbeing, and I thought it would be great if you both could join efforts!

  • Wow, this is awesome! It covers all the points so well. 

  • Very timely article for my friend group! Thanks!

  • Best wishes to you! My daughter has Friedreich’s Ataxia. Though not the same as your ataxia, i presume there are similarities. Therefore, we have probably had some of the same type of experiences. I wanted to thank you for sharing, and I wish for you a joy-filled life.

  • Again, another well written and informative post! Well done.


Ready to Collaborate?

I integrate Ataxia awareness into all aspects of my work, from content creation to collaborations and speaking events. Every project supports this cause, with a portion of proceeds going to Ataxia research and community programs. By working with me, you contribute to this important mission.

Let’s make a difference together. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Frequently asked questions.

    What types of services do you offer?

    I offer a range of services including consulting and coaching, content creation (writing, photography, video production), speaking engagements, and various collaboration opportunities such as guest posts and joint ventures. Please refer to the “MY SERVCIES” section for detailed descriptions of each service.

    How do I get started working with you?

    Getting started is easy! Simply click here “Contact Me” and fill out the contact form and book a consultation. I will get back to you within 24-48 hours to discuss your needs and how we can collaborate effectively.

    What are your rates and payment terms?

    My rates vary depending on the type and scope of the project. After our initial consultation, I will provide you with a detailed proposal including pricing. Payment terms will be outlined in the proposal, with options for installment payments if needed. Please contact me directly for more specific information regarding your project.

    How do you incorporate Ataxia awareness into your work?

    As an advocate for Ataxia awareness, I integrate this cause into all aspects of my work. Whether through creating content that highlights the experiences of those living with Ataxia, collaborating with organizations focused on research and support, or speaking at events to raise awareness, my goal is to educate and inspire action. Every project I undertake has an element of advocacy, ensuring that Ataxia awareness is always at the forefront. Additionally, a portion of my proceeds goes towards supporting Ataxia research and community programs. By working with me, you’re also contributing to this important cause.

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