The Unseen Triumphs: A Reflection on Personal Progress

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Allow yourself to be proud of your story.  And all the progress you have made this year.  Especially the unseen progress that no one else can see.

It’s simple to miss the small successes among the chaos of life’s demands and the rush to live up to expectations from others.  The advancements we make that, while frequently unappreciated by the outside world, are extremely important to us personally.  It’s a bittersweet time to stop, think, and give ourselves permission to be proud of the progress we’ve made as the year comes to an end.  Let’s all celebrate the subtle, yet powerful, progress that has defined our individual paths this year. 

The Unseen Progress

Progress is frequently associated with visible, tangible results.  We celebrate accomplishments that others may witness and recognize, such as promotions, academic successes, or fitness benchmarks.  Still, the greatest breakthroughs frequently take place in areas that are invisible to the naked eye.  It is found in the struggles we endured on the inside, the obstacles we overcame on a personal level, and the small wins that helped to mold the core of the person we are becoming.

  • Inner Strength and Resilience:  Each year our inner strength and resilience is tested.  Even while the difficulties we encounter are hidden from the public, the very act of meeting them head-on, enduring the ups and downs, and coming out on top demonstrates our inner strength.  Recognizing the unseen progress that has been made over the months requires us to first acknowledge the struggle we have engaged in.
  • Personal Growth in Adversity:  Growth is not always a straight line, and it’s not typically wrapped in a nice bow.  Though it may not be apparent in our outward accomplishments, the personal development we’ve had this year is demonstrated by our capacity to change, grow, and adapt in the face of difficulty.  The subtle but significant advancements we’ve achieved are represented by our ability to adapt to change, our bravery in venturing outside of our comfort zones, and the knowledge we’ve received from traveling through unfamiliar terrain.
  • Mindset Shifts and Self-Discovery:  Sometimes, making growth only entails a small mental adjustment.  A modification of our perspective of the world and ourselves.  The unspoken realization that we are more capable than we previously realized, and our increased self-awareness is what enable us to live more purposefully and intentionally.  Even though they are intangible, these internal changes set the stage for long-lasting personal change.
  • Overcoming Personal Demons:  Often, the hardest fights are the ones we fight inside our heads.  We might have struggled with dread, self-doubt, or the ghosts of past experiences.  Not only must we confront these inner anxieties, but we must also summon the strength to overcome them. 

Celebrating the Unseen:

Now that we’ve covered the nature of unseen progress, the next step is to embrace it.  Or celebrate it!  I am not the best at embracing or celebrating this step, but let’s push through. 

  • Fueling Motivation:  Acknowledging and appreciating unseen progress is a powerful source of inspiration.  It drives most of us to pursue our own successes.  Whatever those successes may be.
  • Building Resilience for the Future:  When we admit and acknowledge the progress made despite unseen challenges, we are building a surplus of resilience.  This resilience becomes a source of strength.  And we can use this source of strength for whatever life inevitably brings.  There are SO many unknowns in life, whether you have medical issues or not.
  • Developing Self-Compassion:  This is a difficult one for me personally.  I have a very hard time with self-compassion.  But from what I know and have read, it is important to foster self-compassion. 

We show kindness and compassion to ourselves when we accept and celebrate the development that only we can see. 

  • Shaping a Positive Narrative:  The stories we tell ourselves about what we’ve done matter!  We can create a positive story about our lives by appreciating unnoticed progress.  We can create a personal story that highlights our strengths and progress.   That is much better than concentrating just on what other people see.

Practical Ways to Celebrate Unseen Progress:

Journaling:  I personally have never journaled on a regular basis.  But that is just me…. many people have recommended journaling.  Try it for yourself!  It can be a powerful reminder of the progress you’ve made.

Gratitude Practice:  This can go by many names.  Maybe it is prayer, meditation, or just a few words to yourself in the morning or evening.  The point is to practice daily gratitude.  This will help to shift your mind to the positive things in life.

Personal Milestone Celebrations:  Celebrate any personal accomplishment, no matter how small.  Whether it’s overcoming a fear, living a healthier life, or working towards a positive mindset.  Acknowledge these milestones!

Share with Trusted Family and Friends:  Your journey is personal but sharing your story with those closest to you, can be therapeutic and encouraging.  Choose individuals who understand and appreciate your significance.

When you embrace the unseen and recognize that true growth extends beyond the external symbols of success, you will be proud of your journey.  Be proud of your steps!  No matter how small they are!  Here’s to a healthy and happy 2024! 

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