Mark Desa’s story sheds light on the challenges and resilience associated with living with a rare disease, regardless of geographical borders.  Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Mark shares his journey with Autosomal Recessive Cerebellar Ataxia type 1 (ARCA1.).  Offering insights into diagnosis, prognosis, and personal strategies for coping and thriving. Mark’s journey with ARCA1 began with...
Martha Strange’s journey with Parkinson’s disease led her to a point where her cherished activities, like playing with her granddaughter and enjoying a round of golf, seemed like distant memories. However, a consultation with neurosurgeon Dr. Guy McKhann at Columbia University Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital changed everything. Dr. McKhann suggested deep brain stimulation, a procedure designed...
Happiness is found in reconnecting with old friends. The memories flood your soul, making it smile. Unknown Life is a dynamic journey marked by constant change. As we navigate through various phases, our priorities, circumstances, and even our very selves evolve. One remarkable aspect that stands the test of time is the beauty of lifelong friendships. These connections...
The human voice is the organ of the soul. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Communication is an essential part of our human connection. It enables us to express our thoughts, emotions, and desires. However, for those of us in the Ataxia community, speaking can present a unique set of challenges. Some days, I wake up and my tongue feels 10...
Step into my shoes and walk the life I’m living and if you get as far as I am……. just maybe, you will see how strong I really am. Unknown I’ve always liked this quote and more than ever, I feel it applies to my journey directly.  As if it were meant to happen, one...

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To continuously empower others on building healthy lifestyles where personal/spiritual growth is prioritized, the pursuit of positive mind-body change is valued, and the notion of making the most out of life is a core motivation. In addition, to raise overdue Ataxia Awareness and spark meaningful perspective shifts that both present-day society and future generations can mutually benefit from.

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