Disappointment is a part of life. From being let down by relatively inconsequential things like a series finale or the outcome of the latest football game to major pain points like finding out your person isn’t who you thought they were, the sting of disappointment is familiar. Whichever side of it you’re on – the one who is disappointed or...
Liam is the co-founder of Day Undefined. You can read his bio here.  Thanks for reading Tech-It-Out, a series brought to you by Day Undefined and the National Ataxia Foundation. Disability does not fit into a box.  Whenever I try to describe my own experience – or honestly even to label it for myself – it feels inauthentic and...
For many of us, it can be difficult to get our will or beneficiary designations and other important estate planning documents together without a place to start.   This is National Estate Planning Week (October 17-23, 2023.) And it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your own plans! NAF has provided these complimentary planning resources. To help...
In the realm of managing movement disorders, telehealth has emerged as a crucial resource, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent research indicates that over 60% of individuals living with Parkinson’s disease have embraced virtual visits with their physicians, marking a significant increase from previous usage rates. Beyond Parkinson’s disease, patients grappling with various movement disorders...
I’ve watched plenty of relationships having disagreements unfold in real life and on reality shows. Like a lot of people, I become an amateur family therapist in those moments. I quietly observe misinterpretations and miscommunications happening in real-time. Someone takes something the wrong way and responds in an angry tone, then the other person becomes defensive;...
In my last blog, I shared the planned version of my train trip. Now I will share the real experience. What do they say about plans again? This is a longer blog, but it captures my feelings – good and bad – about the ups and downs of “accessible” traveling.  The Train Trip Begins It was...
Population Estimate:  Fewer than 1000 people in the U.S. have this disease. Imagine waking up one day and finding it increasingly difficult to control your movements. Simple tasks like walking, writing, or even eating become monumental challenges.  This is the harsh reality for those living with ataxia, a group of neurological disorders that affect coordination...
You can read Lily’s previous article HERE.After taking the new medicine called Skyclarys for Friedreich’s Ataxia for a little over one month, I can share some updates and observations. Like the condition itself, these meds affect each patient differently, and our experiences all vary. I haven’t noticed any changes to my balance and coordination, two...
Are you ready to improve your brain health? Have you ever considered intermittent fasting?  Did you know that people have been fasting since at least the 5th century? In the health world, there’s been a big buzz around intermittent fasting and its effect on your weight and overall health lately. To help determine if intermittent fasting...
Does it ever feel like your brain is in a fog? Do you find it increasingly impossible to focus or concentrate? Are you constantly in a state of mental fatigue, with impaired memory and slow recall? If so, then you may be experiencing a condition known as brain fog. In this post, we’ll discuss what brain fog...
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To continuously empower others on building healthy lifestyles where personal/spiritual growth is prioritized, the pursuit of positive mind-body change is valued, and the notion of making the most out of life is a core motivation. In addition, to raise overdue Ataxia Awareness and spark meaningful perspective shifts that both present-day society and future generations can mutually benefit from.

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