Mary Hogan’s journey delves deep into her family’s genealogy, unraveling the mysteries of a pervasive genetic disorder known as SCA27B.  Unlike the casual exploration many people undertake on genealogy websites, Mary’s journey is driven by a profound familial connection to Ataxia SCA27. Which has afflicted numerous members of her family. Nicknamed the “Darby Glide” in...
Jessica’s story is one of resilience and determination in the face of hereditary disease.  After learning about her 50% chance of inheriting Ataxia, she embarked on a journey that led her to in-vitro fertilization preimplantation genetic diagnosis (IVF PGD) to start a family free from the shadow of Ataxia.  Through IVF PGD, Jessica and her...
Dr. Tetsuo Ashizawa, affectionately known as Dr. Tee, has carved an extraordinary path in the realm of ataxia research and patient care, leaving an indelible mark on the medical community. Born in Tokyo in 1948, Dr. Tee’s journey from medical school in Japan to becoming an internationally acclaimed physician-scientist in the United States was filled...
Linda’s journey with Ataxia began in her childhood, marked by medical challenges and diagnoses that ultimately led to the discovery of her condition, Ataxia Oculomotor Apraxia type 2 (AOA2).  Despite facing numerous obstacles, Linda’s resilience and determination have propelled her to become an advocate for Ataxia awareness in South Africa. From a young age, Linda...
Testing for genetics has experienced significant growth and innovation since the completion of the Human Genome Project 20 years ago. This technology has become a vital tool in diagnosing a wide range of diseases, from rare genetic conditions to certain cancers. Moreover, genetic testing empowers patients and healthcare providers by guiding treatment decisions and preventive...
Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you. Walt Whitman Look up the definition of Ataxia and most of the time, the definition will be “a neurological condition that affects coordination, balance, and muscle control.”  But the world of ataxia is so much more complex.  Living with ataxia presents...

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To continuously empower others on building healthy lifestyles where personal/spiritual growth is prioritized, the pursuit of positive mind-body change is valued, and the notion of making the most out of life is a core motivation. In addition, to raise overdue Ataxia Awareness and spark meaningful perspective shifts that both present-day society and future generations can mutually benefit from.

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