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A Community Mobilized Toward Treatments The National Ataxia Foundation (NAF) is deeply committed to finding treatments and cures for Ataxia. Since its inception in 1957, NAF has strived to mobilize resources and support from the community to advance research efforts.  Sue Hagen, the Patient and Research Services Director, emphasizes the critical role of patient involvement...
At twenty-three, Yesenia Ramos from Edmond, Oklahoma, reflects on her life with Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA), a condition she was diagnosed with at the tender age of six. Her Mexican heritage is a significant source of pride, and she lives with her supportive parents and an older brother who also has FA. Yesenia’s path to diagnosis...
At least, they shouldn’t be. But here we are… Why is the use of medical devices stigmatized? I recently found out someone I know has been struggling with their mobility. Rather than sink to the level of using a walker or wheelchair*, they choose to stay home most days. It’s sad to me when people...
Researchers at UMass Lowell are studying whether a small natural molecule could treat a genetic disorder that causes muscle weakness and progressive nervous system damage.  Funded by a $313,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Defense, Asst. Prof. Yuho Kim and his team are investigating the potential of a natural molecule, hinokitiol, to alleviate mitochondrial...
Healing Journey , published by Lily Pierce February 3, 2024 The last few weeks have marked the start of a new year but also brought a lot of change for me, at least in my day-to-day life. For several years now, I’ve worked out in a gym with a physical trainer. But at the end of December 2023,...
The article “Ataxia Profiles: Faces Of Ataxia…Jake Thompson,” published on April 16, 2020, introduces Jacob Thompson’s journey with Friedreich’s Ataxia. Jacob, a former athlete who excelled in various sports, found himself grappling with declining physical abilities in his early twenties. Initially, he struggled with his identity as sports had always been a significant part of...
Breaunna Hoffman’s story is one of resilience and adaptation in the face of life-altering challenges. Diagnosed with Friedrich Ataxia at just fifteen years old, her world shifted dramatically.  Previously an active teenager involved in sports and cheer, she faced the reality of a neuromuscular disorder that would gradually change her life. Despite the initial devastation...
Sam Blade, a vibrant 25-year-old from Sydney and Melbourne, graciously shares his journey with Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA) in an interview with FARA Ambassador Dragana Obadic. Diagnosed at 15, Sam navigates the complexities of FA with resilience and determination, finding new passions and redefining his purpose along the way. Despite the challenges posed by FA, Sam...
At just 23 years old, Scott Armit received the devastating diagnosis of Friedreich’s Ataxia, a genetic neurological disease.  What began with seemingly innocent clumsiness progressed to a point where he was mistaken for being drunk due to his impaired balance and coordination. The news was crushing. Scott faced a future without treatment or cure, with...
Recent News:  FDA approves first gene-editing treatment for human illness In the vast landscape of medical advancements, hope is a powerful force. Disclaimer:  I wrote this article after I read the above story about Sickle Cell.  Please do your own research and talk to your medical professional about the possibilities for other conditions like Ataxia....
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To continuously empower others on building healthy lifestyles where personal/spiritual growth is prioritized, the pursuit of positive mind-body change is valued, and the notion of making the most out of life is a core motivation. In addition, to raise overdue Ataxia Awareness and spark meaningful perspective shifts that both present-day society and future generations can mutually benefit from.

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