Mastering Patience We’ve all heard the saying “Patience is a virtue.” I’ll be honest, though, it’s not a sexy, snazzy one. It doesn’t conjure up strong, powerful images like courage or wisdom do. It doesn’t seem big like creativity or boldness. Instead, patience calls to mind slowness or tranquility. It can almost feel meek or subdued. It’s...
Happiness is found in reconnecting with old friends. The memories flood your soul, making it smile. Unknown Life is a dynamic journey marked by constant change. As we navigate through various phases, our priorities, circumstances, and even our very selves evolve. One remarkable aspect that stands the test of time is the beauty of lifelong friendships. These connections...
Testing for genetics has experienced significant growth and innovation since the completion of the Human Genome Project 20 years ago. This technology has become a vital tool in diagnosing a wide range of diseases, from rare genetic conditions to certain cancers. Moreover, genetic testing empowers patients and healthcare providers by guiding treatment decisions and preventive...
Life is not about how many times you fall down. It’s about how many times you get back up. Jaime Escalante Life often presents us with challenges that test our resilience, but few experiences are as disorienting and difficult as facing Ataxia.  Falling from ataxia is both a physical and emotional journey.  Let’s talk about...

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To continuously empower others on building healthy lifestyles where personal/spiritual growth is prioritized, the pursuit of positive mind-body change is valued, and the notion of making the most out of life is a core motivation. In addition, to raise overdue Ataxia Awareness and spark meaningful perspective shifts that both present-day society and future generations can mutually benefit from.

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