Climbing Kili is This Month!


Support Mike De Rosa and NAF

National Ataxia Foundation community member Mike DeRosa and NAF Social Media Coordinator Tanoa Thome set out to hike Mount Kilimanjaro this month. From October 20-30, they will spend nine days hiking on the world’s tallest free-standing mountain in Tanzania, Africa, to raise awareness for Ataxia. Mike and Tanoa have been busy training for their climb and were recently in Colorado together. Take a sneak peek into their training in the video below and support mike.

support mike and naf
support mike and win prizes
support mike and naf

Support Mike’s efforts!

Join MichaelMantz in supporting Mike DeRosa and NAF Social Media Coordinator Tanoa Thome by purchasing raffle tickets today for a chance to win one of these custom prizes below!

To donate or purchase raffle tickets – go to

NAF Reclaimed Wooden Flag
Custom Kili Tumbler

For questions on Mike’s climb or fundraising opportunities contact:
Jon Wegman – Development

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