His Fight is My Fight: Samantha Andrus’ Journey to Raise Ataxia Awareness

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In her heartfelt blog post, Samantha Andrus shares her personal journey of advocacy and fundraising for Ataxia. Inspired by her uncle Shawn’s battle with the disease.  Following the passing of her grandfather in 2021, Samantha felt compelled to act and make a difference.  She began by donating her Jeep to Ataxia research through the National Ataxia Foundation (NAF.) Sparking her commitment to further involvement.

Driven by a deep sense of purpose,

Samantha reached out to NAF and embarked on a journey of fundraising and awareness-raising efforts. Despite uncertainties and challenges, she organized a successful fundraiser, raising nearly $4,000 for NAF in its first year.  Encouraged by this achievement, Samantha appointed herself as a volunteer fundraiser for NAF, setting a goal of $5,000 for 2022.

For Samantha, Ataxia advocacy is not just a cause—it’s a personal mission rooted in love and solidarity for her uncle and family.  With unwavering determination, she continues to champion the cause, ensuring that Ataxia becomes more widely recognized and understood. Samantha’s goal is to eliminate the unfamiliarity surrounding Ataxia and pave the way for increased support, research, and ultimately, a cure.

Through her passionate advocacy, Samantha aims to shed light on Ataxia’s debilitating effects and the urgent need for solutions.  

She emphasizes the importance of community support and collaboration in confronting this rare disease.  Samantha’s message resonates deeply: Ataxia maybe her uncle’s fight, but it’s also her fight, her family’s fight, and a fight she’s committed to until there’s a cure.

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