Empowering Hope: Personalized Medicine in Ataxia Treatment

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The journey of Steven Denning, a businessman and philanthropist, epitomizes the intersection of science, hope, and generosity in the realm of ataxia treatment.  Diagnosed with CANVAS, a condition characterized by cerebellar ataxia and neuropathy, Denning turned to Dr. Dimitri Krainc and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine’s cutting-edge precision medicine techniques for answers.

In Dr. Krainc’s lab, researchers grow patient-specific neurons from skin cells. Offering a personalized approach to understanding disease mechanisms and potential treatments.  Inspired by the promise of precision medicine, Denning and his wife, Roberta, made a generous donation to bolster Dr. Krainc’s program. Aiming to advance research and establish the Denning Ataxia Center.

This initiative marks a new era in therapeutics, aiming to bring precision medicine to the forefront.  Dr. Krainc’s Simpson Querrey Center for Neurogenetics spearheads integrated approaches to biobanking, genetic testing, disease mechanism studies, drug discovery, and clinical trials.  Through coordinated efforts, clinicians and researchers collaborate to tackle neurological challenges head-on.

Denning’s story highlights the transformative impact of personalized medicine.  Dr. Krainc’s compassionate approach and the prospect of eventual treatment fuel his optimism despite the challenges of CANVAS.  This narrative of resilience, innovation, and philanthropy underscores the profound potential of personalized medicine. In shaping the future of ataxia treatment.

We would like to thank Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine for sharing this educational story with us. 

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