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Paola Coto’s life changed starting in December 2022.

She received a diagnosis of cerebellar ataxia at the age of 50. This stands as one of the rare diseases in the world. Only 5 out of every 100,000 people suffer from it.

A lack of coordination characterizes this motor disorder. In carrying out movements, it affects your limbs and speech.

Her quality of life has deteriorated rapidly. Since she requires the help of someone to perform many functions that previously seemed common and normal.

Her illness worries her, but her mind focuses on her only 16-year-old son. As a mother, she thinks about her future.

This disease has a life expectancy of 60 years. It is an ataxia acquired in adulthood, which causes the symptoms to be extremely progressive.

Ataxia has no cure, however, special therapies are your only hope to improve your quality of life.

But to do this, you must travel to Brazil and each therapy costs $500.

If you want to collaborate with this neighbor from Ciudad Quesada in San Carlos, you can do so through a mobile phone at 8314-1049 with Paola Coto.

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