My Love and Hate Feelings on Exercise

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I used to love going to the gym. I love the feeling of being sweaty after exercising. Also, I am a Lululemon girl :))

After I was first diagnosed with Ataxia, a progressive condition that would affect my mobility and balance, I still continued my gym activities. However, I noticed the changes in my body’s movement in recent years: I slowed down a lot. I don’t have the sweating feeling anymore, and I started to hate the gym.

But having an illness that has no cure at the moment, the only “solution” is to exercise and keep moving.

With that said, I started incorporating my exercise into my daily activities and hate gym, rather than going to the gym.

There are some little tools that I love using and want to share here:

One thing is called a hand grip strengthener (I call it a thumb exerciser). I place it on my desk next to my computer, and I use it whenever I see it.  For example, I use it sometimes when I am on the phone. I feel it helps me strengthen my fingers and grip. Here is a demonstration.

Another is called the Magnetic Under Desk Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser. I place it next to the sofa that I sit on to watch TV. Then I use the bike when I am watching TV: one stone kills two birds.

I stand by these two items and absolutely love them. However, I also love what one lady in my community once said, “Let us move and we don’t need the fancy stuff.”

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