Lisa Antonelli Cole’s Journey to Ataxia Diagnosis: Overcoming Misdiagnosis and Raising Awareness


Lisa Antonelli Cole’s journey to an ataxia diagnosis was marked by years of misdiagnosis and frustration.  After experiencing symptoms such as dizziness, lack of coordination, and imbalance for years, Lisa underwent a series of medical appointments, only to be dismissed with treatments for vertigo and chronic anxiety.

It wasn’t until a cardiologist recommended she see a neurologist that Lisa finally received the attention she needed.  Following referrals and second opinions, she was diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Ataxia, a condition that also affected several members of her family.

Despite the challenges she faced, Lisa’s diagnosis empowered her to take action.  She started a support group on the East Coast of Florida and organized fundraising events to raise awareness about ataxia.  Through her efforts, she hopes to educate others. Education about this debilitating disease and provide support to those who are affected by it.

Lisa’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of persistence in seeking medical answers. And the impact that raising awareness can have on improving the lives of individuals living with ataxia.

On behalf of Ataxia and Me and, we would like to thank Lisa for sharing her journey to diagnosis. Symptoms can seem minor and may not be fully explored. She shows the importance of speaking out when you think something is wrong!

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