Patient, Persistent & Hopeful About my Healing Journey

Healing Journey2

Healing Journey , published by Lily Pierce February 3, 2024

The last few weeks have marked the start of a new year but also brought a lot of change for me, at least in my day-to-day life.

For several years now, I’ve worked out in a gym with a physical trainer. But at the end of December 2023, I started going to physical therapy appointments twice a week to strengthen my ankle, which I injured last year. After taking several months to heal, it is weak and unusable – though improving, slowly but surely!

My regular exercise was already time-consuming. Now, catering to my body’s needs by maintaining and/or activating important muscles – exercising at the gym, in the office, at home – makes up a large portion of my life and mental space.

I must choose gratitude, the option we are all given daily. I’m thankful for the time to prioritize myself, the support of those who take care of me, and the access/opportunities to have two types of physical training.

Therapy has been good overall!

My best friend, who coincidentally is also in PT for an ankle injury, warned me it would be frustrating and challenging. But ultimately beneficial. She wasn’t wrong. Though it’s been tough to form new habits and force my weak ankle muscles to work again, the new exercises are starting to help.

The PT specifically targets the issues with my ankle, while my regular workouts keep me strong and active in a big-picture sense.

A couple of weeks ago, we also added aquatic therapy into the mix. Since I received my Friedreich’s Ataxia diagnosis, a few doctors have recommended it, so I’m eager to see how it goes.

I must trust the plan and I must also trust that hard work will eventually pay off.

Small bits of progress will eventually accumulate. Being patient, persistent, and hopeful is vital in any healing journey.

We would like to thank Lily for sharing her story with us. 

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