Embracing Gratitude: Finding Joy in Life’s Little Blessings

Embracing Gratitude2

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

Perspective Changes Everything is how Lily Pierce feels……

Perspective means realizing that others’ life experiences may completely differ from ours. What we view as normal and what we expect depends on how we grew up, what we see around us, and, of course, our blessings/privileges.

From Lily’s vantage point as an American suburbanite, a college-educated millennial woman from a loving, middle-class family, life seems pretty good.  She expects kindness and respect from others, a strong support network, and easy access to food, technology, and comforts.  But not everyone has these blessings.

Some people lack a supportive family, the resources to improve their lives, societal acceptance, financial security, or even basic necessities.  Growing up in an unstable environment can profoundly affect one’s outlook on life.

Even with challenges like those posed by Friedreich’s Ataxia, perspective can help shift focus from what’s lacking to what’s available.  Feeling frustrated when tasks take longer due to physical limitations is easy, but gratitude can often replace that frustration.

Despite hardships, there are always reasons to be thankful.  Here are five things Lily appreciates right now:

  1. Thriving houseplants enjoying the spring weather.
  2. Sunshine streaming through the window.
  3. The ability to see and enjoy the vibrant blue sky and green grass.
  4. The cheerful sounds of birds chirping.
  5. Access to clean water when feeling thirsty.

I challenge you to list 5 things you are thankful for RIGHT NOW. Share in the comments if you’d like!

We thank Lily for sharing this inspirational and educational story with us. 

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