Children With Ataxia:  Alaysha’s A-T Story


In a poignant narrative shared by Alaysha’s mom and featured by the National Ataxia Foundation, we are offered a glimpse into the life of a courageous young girl battling ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T).

Alaysha’s journey with ataxia began with uncertainties in infancy, leading to a general diagnosis of ataxia.

Despite seeming to outgrow her wobbling, her symptoms resurfaced in the school year preceding her formal A-T diagnosis.  Determined to seek answers, Alaysha’s family embarked on a quest for clarity, eventually confirming her diagnosis through a series of medical consultations and tests.

In the face of this devastating news, Alaysha’s family resolved to make the most of her precious time, launching fundraising efforts to enrich her life experiences.  With support pouring in from the community, including her dedicated older brother Colton, they embarked on a mission to create lasting memories for Alaysha.

Alaysha’s resilience shines through her infectious happiness and unwavering thoughtfulness towards others.  

Despite the challenges posed by A-T, her family remains united. Finding strength in their bond and their shared commitment to Alaysha’s well-being.

Alaysha’s family remains steadfast in their determination, despite life now being filled with doctor appointments, therapies, and worries. To ensure she goes to bed each night with a smile on her face.  Despite the uncertainties, they embrace each day with hope and positivity, refusing to let A-T dictate their lives.

As they navigate the challenges ahead, Alaysha’s family finds solace in their unwavering support system. Including her loving parents and her soul mate David, who stands as a pillar of strength for them all.

Alaysha’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity, reminding us to cherish each moment and find joy amidst life’s uncertainties.  

Through their unwavering love and determination, Alaysha’s family represents the power of hope and positivity in overcoming life’s greatest challenges.

We would like to thank the National Ataxia Foundation for sharing this story with us. 

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