Krystal Schulze: Navigating Life’s Curveballs with Acquired Ataxia

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Let’s meet Krystal Schulze, whose journey with Ataxia took an unexpected turn due to a brain tumor. Discovered during her high school years.  Krystal shares her courageous story of resilience and adaptation as she navigates life with Acquired Cerebellar Ataxia (ACA).

Diagnosed at the age of 18,

Krystal’s life took a drastic turn as she underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Giving rise to her journey with Ataxia.  Despite the challenges, Krystal’s indomitable spirit shines through as she reflects on her vibrant past filled with athleticism and creativity.

From her days as a high school athlete participating in softball, track, and cross country to her love for creativity and logic-driven pursuits, Krystal’s passion for life remains undiminished.  Even in the face of physical limitations, she embraces new opportunities, including motherhood and pursuing online college degrees in business administration and graphic design.

Krystal’s journey is not without its hurdles. But her positive outlook and determination to make the most of every moment are truly inspiring.  She finds joy in simple activities like playing cards or Jenga with her daughter, Alyssa, showcasing her resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

Beyond her personal journey, Krystal is a passionate advocate for Ataxia awareness.

Using her voice to moderate Facebook groups and provide support to others facing similar challenges. Her dedication to raising awareness about Acquired Ataxia highlights the importance of understanding the diverse ways in which Ataxia can impact individuals’ lives.

Krystal’s story serves as a reminder of the power of resilience, kindness, and advocacy in overcoming life’s curveballs.  Despite the challenges she faces, Krystal continues to inspire others. With her unwavering spirit and commitment to making a positive impact in the Ataxia community.

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