Empowering the Ataxia Community: A Journey Towards Hope and Collaboration

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Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Ryunosuke Satoro

As a person with a lifelong movement disorder, I understand the challenges that we all face living with Ataxia.  We see the world differently than most!  But through the ups and downs, there’s a definite spirit of resilience.  We are all living our own movies……so how are you going to write the next scene? 

Today, I’m excited to share an update on my journey and to introduce my crowdfunding campaign with a featured spotlight on our “collaborative art project.”  My goal is to redesign the website and add some great new features so that we can continue to spread awareness and build our community. 

The Journey So Far:

Living with Ataxia means that we all will face numerous obstacles.  From physical and mental limitations, imposed by Ataxia, to the lack of widespread understanding and support.  Everyone has different degrees of their progression; however, we must never let these challenges define us.  Instead, we need to come together to support one another, share our experiences, and advocate for greater awareness and research funding.

I started this site almost a year ago and the efforts have gained momentum.  But I know there’s still much work to be done.  And that is why I have been working on this campaign over the past couple of months.

Introducing Project Illuminate:  Born from personal struggle, we look to transform MichaelMantz.com into a beacon of Ataxia awareness and community support.

This is the next step in the evolution of my site.  While there are many proposed improvements and additions, always remember, that personal stories are the heart of everything.  And as always, please contact me HERE to share your own unique story.  And if you are a friend, family member, or caregiver, we also welcome your perspective!

To find out more about what I am planning, please visit my PRE-LAUNCH PAGE. Please sign up to receive the Early Bird Discounts and a notification for when we officially launch.

Featured Spotlight:  Collaborative Art Project

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our collaborative art project, which aims to harness the power of creativity to raise awareness about ataxia and unite our community.  This project, set to launch on Indiegogo in the coming weeks, will invite individuals from around the world to contribute their artistic talents to a collective masterpiece.

Art Project Ataxia Community

The concept is simple yet powerful: each participant will create a piece of artwork inspired by their experience with ataxia.  Artist contributors of all ages, Ataxia or not, are welcome.  Your online drawing will be based on a provided question.  And that question will change throughout the campaign. 

This is a unique project, and we will be working with a company that will provide the platform.  All the individual works of art will be collected to create a mural.  Once the mural is complete, the artist (aNa) will draw her own artwork on top of the mural.  Creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  How fun is that??  This artwork will be showcased at events, exhibitions, and online platforms, allowing us to share our stories with the world and inspire others to join our cause.

We are going to create a “Balance Garden” for our mural.  A visual representation of the elements and movements that support balance in your life.  I invite everyone to create a unique and personal representation that can fill our garden and grow into a unique work of art.

*ALL people are welcome to participate.  And no limit to the number of entries. 

I encourage everyone to participate in this groundbreaking project.  Whether you’re an experienced artist or someone like me, who can’t handwrite anymore, your contribution matters.  Even if you have a hard time drawing.  I want your authentic artwork to become part of the bigger project!  By sharing your story through art, you’ll not only raise awareness about ataxia but also connect with others who understand and support you.

How You Can Get Involved:

To get involved and to take advantage of the Early Bird Discounts, go to the Pre-Launch page and enter your email.  This will notify you when the project is launched and give you the options for the early discounts.

Additionally, I ask you to spread the word about our project far and wide.  Share it on social media, email it to friends and family, and reach out to local media outlets to help us amplify our message.  Together, we can make a difference and show the world the power of community and creativity.

Looking Ahead:

I am beyond excited to set out on this new chapter.  Not only for my own journey but the possibilities for raising awareness and advocating for research and development.  By coming together to share our stories, support one another, and advocate for change, we can create a brighter tomorrow for everyone affected by this condition.

So let’s roll up our sleeves, create some art, and make our voices heard.  Together, we can raise awareness, promote research, and inspire hope.  I look forward to seeing the incredible contributions that will come from our collaborative art project.  As well as implementing some great improvements to my platform.

Thank you for your support and together, we can raise awareness, inspire hope, and empower those affected by ataxia to live their best lives.

Please share your thoughts and/or comments on this or any other article.  And if you would like to get involved and share your experience with Ataxia, please contact us.  Join our community today.  A place where we empower you to build a healthy lifestyle and raise overdue Ataxia Awareness.  Experience transformative storytelling and share your story to inspire positive change.

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  1. Can you post a link to the platform for creating art for this mural? Yes – it costs money to run a website & host a YouTube channel. Both are great ways to spread awareness!!

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for the reply. When the campaign is live, everyone can go onto the Indiegogo site and choose the art project perk. Once that is done, a unique link will be provided.

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